Healthy Eating

The 20 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat – Best Fruits to Eat Daily Every single fruit (and vegetable!) is a great option. Research has shown eating a minimum of four to five servings per day helps to boost mood and… Continue Reading…

Healthy Eating

Should You Eat Food That Has Freezer Burn? Personally, I think it’s fine, even with freezer burn. Never follow what people suggest, just go on what you feel with food. Expiration dates and freezer burn don’t matter, it’s taste and… Continue Reading…


8 Foods Cardiologists Want You to Eat—and 5 You Should Avoid – This one hits close to home as I’m being tested for arrhythmia right now.

Healthy Eating

These healthy 2-ingredient snacks are anything but boring. They sound fabulous and filling at the same time due to their nutritional value. I’m going to try them. Are you? #nutrition #healthyfood #healthyeating #wellness #healthandwellness

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