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Source:  Introduction  What exactly does organic mean and why is it so special?  It all comes from how the food is grown and processed.  In America, if the food is grown organic than no synthetic pesticides, GMOs, and petroleum-based or… Continue Reading…


Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot I think everyone should try this at sone point. It has so many benefits … Benefits of Walking Barefoot 1. Clears your mind 2. The Earth cleans your body… Continue Reading…


Power of positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and ensures positive results. #allhealthandbeauty #photooftheday #positivevibes #personalgrowth #positivequotes #positivity #quotestoliveby


Never forget who helped you out while everyone else was making excuses – Anonymous #lifetip #foodforthought #allhealthandbeauty #quoteoftheday #photooftheday #mindset #goals


Surgeon General warns pregnant women and teenagers not to smoke or vape marijuana I just wanted to put this out there. My philosophy is do what you’re going to do, just as long as it doesn’t involve me. But I… Continue Reading…

Why Use Green Products?

(This isn’t what the shirt really looks like. I just like what it’s saying.) This t-shirt is 100% plant and algae. It biodegrades in 12 weeks. – What do you guys think of this concept? I think it’s a good… Continue Reading…

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