Magnesium & Gout

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Magnesium & Gout.

Gout happens when you inherit a flaw in the way your body rids itself of excess uric acid. Eating certain foods such as organ meats and some types of fish such as anchovies and sardines that contain excessive amounts of purines produces excessive amounts of uric acid as a waste product. Most people still just flush out the uric acid through urination. Gout sufferers, however, do not get rid of enough of it. It then settles in body joints. This can happen anywhere in your body, but for most people with the disease, it occurs most frequently in their feet. As the acid settles there, it begins to crystallize. The crystals, characterized by sharp points, can suddenly jab into your joints and cause inflammation. This makes the skin in the area warm and red, and makes it extremely painful to move the joint even the slightest amount.

I don’t have it…yet. it runs in the family though. I hope it skips me by. I have enough pain to deal with in my life with migraines and carpal tunnel lol.

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