10 Steps to Lose 20 lbs Quickly

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It isn’t easy to lose weight no matter who you are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in shape or overweight, the body does what it wants to do.  If it wants to gain weight, then it will.  The question is how will you lose the weight once it’s gained?  There are many supposed solutions to the question, but basically, it’s all up to common sense and good self-control.  Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help your journey to lose the weight.

10 Steps Losing Weight

  1. Count Calorie Intake – This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.  This is done in two ways, either reduce how much you eat, or exercise more to burn what calories you have eaten.  Don’t cut the calories as that isn’t a good method to lose weight, count them instead. It’ll help you be accountable, and you’ll know what’s going into your body.
  2. Drink More Water – If you pair together a low-calorie diet and drinking more water before meals for 12 weeks, you will lose at least 40 percent more weight than if you don’t do this.  Water boosts metabolism, increasing calorie burn temporarily.
  3. Increase Protein IntakeHigh-protein diets have been shown to lessen body fat, besides just preserving your muscle mass and metabolism.  It also reduces hunger pangs which makes you eat less.
  4. Decrease Intake of Refined Carbs –  This will really help you.  Refined carbs are bad and make you gain weight, not lose it.
  5. Lift Weights – Resistance training is a must if you want to lose weight quickly.  It increases the burning of fat and boosts your metabolism even when sitting around.
  6. Increase Fiber IntakeFiber is good for you as it moves slowly and slows the emptying of your stomach.  It helps you to feel full longer.
  7. Set a Sleep Schedule – Getting at least seven hours a night and having a better quality of sleep has been shown that you can successfully lose weight by 33 percent.
  8. Stay Accountable –  This is a very important step.  Weigh yourself daily if you have too in order to better motivate yourself.  Keep a food journal, get a workout partner or join a weight loss community.
  9. Add Cardio to Your Workout Routine – Aerobic exercise increases the heart rate, therefore strengthening your heart and lungs.  It also aids fat and weight loss.
  10. Eat Slowly and Mindfully – Eating slowly can increase the feeling of being satisfied, not of being still hungry.  It can make you feel fuller then if you eat quickly, where you tend to eat more.  The mindfulness comes from being more aware of thoughts and feelings, shifting focus to the moment you’re in at that time.  It’ll help you to enjoy your food more, helping you to slow down and really enjoy the food.


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