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10 Common Foods Worse for Your Body Than Sugar

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10 Common Foods That Are Worse for Your Body Than Sugar


You think food would be healthier then it is when sold in a supermarket. It’s kind of scary in a way when you look at the labels and see all the bad ingredients. Sometimes it’s like you have to choose the lesser of two evils. I never thought vegetable oil was bad until I learned about how omega-6 in large amounts is bad for you. I still don’t understand why people buy energy drinks when they’re so bad. I tried one back some 20 years ago, it made me dizzy and nauseous. Never touched the stuff again. Especially when I read studies completed on them. I think everyone should learn to read food labels so they can better protect themselves. What do you think?

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Common Foods to Avoid

Common Food Excerpt

“While we know everyone has a varying understanding of what’s healthy and what’s not—and it’s clear all food affects each body differently—there a few foods and ingredients that are no good across the board. You’ll never hear us preach about dairy, gluten, or veganism (only offer information based on expert advice, studies, and our own bodies), however, we feel comfortable saying the below foods are best to eliminate from your diet (or at least consume in limited moderation).

To do so, we asked nutritionists, sugar experts, and the like for the unhealthiest foods that fall into such a category. Below, find their science-backed advice…”

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