14 Natural Insect Repellents That Actually Work

Natural Insect Repellent Introduction

I find this very interesting. When I was younger I dealt with the bug bites because I didn’t like the smell of insect repellent. Thankfully now there are so many different ways to get and use repellent. For example, I didn’t know that clothes come infused with it now. And I love all the scent options available now, unlike when I was a kid. Did you do the same, and just dealt with bites instead of putting on nasty stuff to keep the bugs away?

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Natural Insect Repellent


That’s where natural bug repellents come in handy. These are non-toxic, usually plant-based products that protect against a wide range of insects. Take peppermint essential oil, for example, which not only smells fresh but is also anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle and joint pain, and repels bugs naturally. Tea tree oil, which is known for its anti-breakout properties, is another natural way to prevent bug bites.

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