5 Common Skincare Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Oily Skin


I had this problem when I was young. My skin was very oily, to the point of where I didn’t need a moisturizer, at least in my book. Who wants to exacerbate the problem? So I just washed my face at night and used Clearasil. Very basic. Now I’m completely the opposite, and use oily products as my skin is dry. How did you guys take care of your skin when you were younger compared to now?

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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid if you have oily skin

Skincare Ingredients Excerpt

“Crafting a skincare routine that works with—not against—your oily skin is easier said than done. Who among us with oily skin hasn’t turned to products with strong ingredients in the hopes that they will sop up all our excess oil? (*Raises hand.*) But going overboard with exfoliation and toners can actually backfire and cause your skin to produce even more oil, which can lead to clogged pores. Sigh.

“If you have oily skin, you need to be careful about the products that you are using,” Mount Sinai Hospital Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research Joshua Zeichner, MD, says. “The wrong ones can promote breakouts or even cause skin irritation.” With that in mind, we asked him which five ingredients those of us with oily skin should avoid at all costs.

Here, five ingredients to avoid for oily skin—and what to use instead. Plus, our product picks for oily skin.

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