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Eat clean for less than $100 a week

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Yes, you totally can eat clean for less than $100 a week—here’s how

Eat Clean Introduction

Eating healthy is easier then I thought. I admit it, I’m guilty of thinking that only organic food is included is in this category. I like how this article lists regular foods that are just as good as organic food to help save money. I’ll have to make a list for when I go shopping again. There’s some good tips here. What do you think?

eat clean, eat cleaner, eat clean cuisine, eat clean cheap, an eat clean diet
Eat clean


But with a few smart strategies and some prep work, it’s possible to eat clean for under $100 per week, Dr. Smith says. First, make sure you’re sticking to the perimeter of the store when you shop, typically home of the fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs. Also, he recommends only shopping once a week and buying in bulk. This helps keep costs down, while allowing you to meal-prep healthy food to keep on hand all week long.

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