6 useful things you can do with fruit peels

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6 useful things you can do with fruit peels instead of throwing them out

Fruit Peels Introduction

Who would’ve thought that fruit peels could have so many uses? I find it very interesting to learn that they can be used for so many different cleaning options. Creating tea and candy though wasn’t a surprise. It’s a fact that there’s tons of nutrition that’s held in peels, and when I was growing up my grandmother used to gather the orange peels to make candy. I don’t particularly care for candy so I didn’t like it, but it smelled so awesome! What do you think?

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Fruit Peels and what you can do with them


“With 40% of food in the US. sent to landfills each year to sit and produce the harmful greenhouse gas methane, it’s time to rethink our relationships with food. Individuals can first reduce food waste by planning meals and buying less, but to go even further, why not try using up every bit of the food you do buy?

You might be surprised to find there are many uses for your food scraps — especially fruit peels.”

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