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Are fruit-flavored waters good for you?

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LaCroix, Sparkling Ice, Bai and beyond: Are fruit-flavored waters good for you?

Fruit-flavored Waters Introduction

Whether or not fruit-flavored water is good for you is a great question to be asked. Always read the labels as companies find sneaky ways to put sugar in. That’s my advice to you. They always try to put some in with names we might not know. Personally, I drink Crystal Light which is bad that way too, but at least it says the sugar content is 0%, even though it’s listed on the bottom as sucrose. I guess they just put in enough to register, but not enough to be measured if you want to call it that. In the future, I’ll change to more natural ways to flavor my water, but right now I have to think about the budget. Or you can go the completely natural way and cut slices of fruit, let them soak in water, and then after so many hours take them out and you have naturally flavored water. It’s all up to you as to how you’d like to drink it…

fruit-flavored, fruit flavored water, a fruit flavored, fresh fruit flavored water
Are fruit-flavored waters good for you?


“There’s no doubt that drinking lots of water is good for us. The many benefits of staying properly hydrated include glowing skin, enhanced mental function, a healthy immune system and the ability to recover faster after a good workout. While tap water is the simplest and cheapest way to hydrate, even die-hard water drinkers will admit that plain water can sometimes get a little, well, plain … and boring.

Enter fruity, flavorful and oh-so-fun enhanced waters. Plenty of companies are jumping on the fact that Americans want less sugary beverages and are flooding the market with specialty waters.”

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