5 Carbs You Can Eat All You Want Without Gaining Weight, According To Nutritionists

Carbs Introduction

I think its funny how we’ve been taught to avoid carbs at all cost. Personally, I’ve been eating carbs my entire life and never got in trouble. Good carbs like whole grains give you energy, while bad carbs that come from processed foods give you health problems. I say don’t avoid them, eat them up! What do you think?

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Good carbs to eat


“When most people talk about carbs — as in, complain about how carbs make them gain weight — they’re usually talking about sugary refined carbs like chips and pretzels. These types of carb-laden foods can spike glucose levels and affect your health in negative ways, including increasing your risk of diabetes.

But not all carbs are created equal.

These healthy carbs you can eat all you want without gaining weight are nutrient dense, which means they contain a good amount of protein and vitamins and minerals that balance their sugar content — or they’re just plain so low in calories they won’t blow your diet.”

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