An argument for plant protein

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An argument for plant protein


I’ll admit it, I’m not the best to suggest which proteins you need to eat. As for myself, I have both Whey and Plant protein in my kitchen that I mix and drink after I work out every evening. I see benefits in both types, but I’ll leave the decision to you guys as to which you prefer more…

protein, protein shakes, protein powder, protein foods, protein bars, protein for vegans
Which protein is better, plant or animal?

Plant Protein Excerpt

“Plant-based proteins are a good option as they are alkaline, while animal proteins can lead to inflammation and leave an acidic ash in the body, says Lovneet Batra, a Delhi-based sports nutritionist. “Veggie proteins are also more bioavailable and therefore can be assimilated by the body without stressing the liver.”

The trick, she says, is to pair them correctly because they’re not complete proteins in themselves. Lentils, for instance, must be paired with grains or pseudo-grains like amaranth to complete the amino acid profile.”

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