Can Any Oral Supplements Thicken & Firm Skin?

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Can Any Oral Supplements Thicken & Firm Skin & Make You Look Years Younger?

Oral Supplements Introduction

This gives some pretty interesting information on how to look younger naturally. As for what I use, it’s milk, teas of all kinds (I love tea!), and a lot of omega-3’s, at least 5g a day. I don’t have much else to say about this article except it does give some good information if you haven’t tried any of them yet. Talk to you later.

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Oral Supplements


“The desire to reverse the signs of aging is evident when you consider that some $12 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on various cosmetic procedures, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center or UMMC. Aging skin tends to becomes thinner and prone to sagging. The American Academy of Dermatology explains that loss of firmness is due to a dwindling supply of collagen and elastin fibers that kept skin plump. Several oral supplements may help your thicken your skin and increase firmness.

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