50 Health and Wellness Tips

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Source:  Guadalupe Regional Medical Center  


Sometimes it’s the small steps that lead to bigger steps leading to a healthier lifestyle than you were living before.  If you want to start living a healthier life, here are 50 tips to follow in the next 50 days if you’re serious about making the change. 

50 Tips Towards Health and Wellness

  1. Schedule a wellness check with your doctor 
  2. Have an eye exam.  Along with that start getting checked for potential eye diseases like Glaucoma. 
  3. Make a challenge for yourself.  Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal, every day for one week, then the next week on up. 
  4. Create one ‘me’ day a week where you focus on you.  Read a book, see a movie, call your mom… 
  5. Schedule a dental exam or cleaning 
  6. Drink at least two glasses of water a day.  Make a challenge out of it if you don’t like drinking water. 
  7. Don’t drink soda at least once a week 
  8. Go entire weeks without eating fast food.  Make a challenge of it if you have to. 
  9. Join a team sport or start regular activities which require you to move 
  10. Sign up for a group fitness class of some kind 
  11. Update important medical documents like your living will 
  12. Start something new like volunteering for Habitat for Humanity 
  13. Get out of negative situations you might be involved with like a bad relationship 
  14. Ask about recommended vaccines and get them 
  15. Bring lunch from home.   
  16. Take brisk 20-minute walks every day for a week, then continue on the week after… 
  17. Get together with a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while,  
  18. Go to bed every night at the same time which allows for adequate sleep 
  19. Ask your doctor about recommended screenings to consider 
  20. Make a list of all your medications 
  21. Take a CPR or First Aid class 
  22. Inventory your health insurance records so there won’t be any surprises 
  23. Find something that makes you laugh and stick with it 
  24. Ask your doctor about cholesterol and blood pressure screenings 
  25. When at work, if you sit the majority of the day find time every 90 minutes to get up and walk around. 
  26. Stop connecting to the Net an hour before you go to bed.  Read a book instead. 
  27. If you smoke, set a date to quit and keep to it 
  28. Brush and floss your teeth before you go to bed 
  29. Try new stress relievers.  Take a walk outside or go workout.  Try some exotic fruit instead of going for ice cream. 
  30. Find out your family’s medical history 
  31. If you have a chronic illness or recovering from something, join a support group 
  32. Know your risks for health conditions 
  33. See what food you have in your kitchen.  Donate older food, replace less nutritious food with healthier food. 
  34. Buy hand weights and use them, even if it’s just when commercials come up. 
  35. Buy supportive walking shoes 
  36. Make sure your sunscreen isn’t out of date 
  37. Wash your hands regularly every day 
  38. Sit straight when sitting down.  It helps to improve and keep your posture good. 
  39. Learn how to read food labels correctly 
  40. Try to get up 30 minutes earlier every day.  Use this time to take walks, read a book, or have more time to get ready.  The key here is less stress. 
  41.  Start using health apps 
  42. Every weekend set a time to go food shopping and prep food.  It makes it easier to decide what you’re going to buy to go along with what was already prepped. 
  43. Buy a crock pot as another method to cook food quickly 
  44. Don’t use the elevator.  Walk up the stairs. 
  45. Park as far as you can away from the store, your office, school… 
  46. Organize one area at a time a week.  In 12 weeks you’ll have decluttered 12 areas in your life and make things so much less stressful. 
  47. Change your workout every two weeks 
  48. Change your air filters at home and in your car 
  49. Inventory and throw out expired makeup 
  50. Set a health or wellness goal for next year like running a half marathon.  Then you can plan what you need to do and start preparing for it.  

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