10 Benefits of Turmeric

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What exactly is Turmeric?  It’s a yellow-tinged spice that’s used in India and Asian dishes and has a lot of health benefits besides making your food taste great.  It was originally from southeast India but it’s now grown in numerous places around the world. A word of warning though.  When using turmeric make sure not to get it on your clothes or your skin.  It used to be used for dying clothes so it will stain whatever it touches.   

Turmeric Benefits 

  1. It’s a natural pain reliever – It has a chemical compound called curcuminoids which are some of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.  If you were to mix it with black pepper, it will help your body absorb the curcumin in the turmeric in a more efficient manner.  Or you can get curcumin in supplement form which is more powerful.  Use the black pepper in the same manner here if you use it for pain. 
  2. Lowers Risk of CancerTurmeric is such a strong anti-inflammatory that it lowers the risk of cancer due to its power to lower inflammation.  It’s a fact that inflammation can start cancer because of the body’s lowered ability to fight infections, viruses, and bacteria’s. Curcuminoids assist in stopping blood vessels located in the tumor from spreading cancer.  It seems that turmeric also helps to stop cancer itself. 
  3. One of the strongest anti-inflammatory plants in the world – Inflammation is the worst as it sneaks up on you sometimes with no visible reactions until it’s too late.  Consequently, it can cause heart problems and chronic pain besides increasing your chances of getting cancer.  If you have chronic inflammation it can both stress and age your body before its time.  Curcumin is as effective as pharmaceutical drugs and has the benefit of having no serious side effects. 
  4. Immune System strengthening 
  5. Turmeric Improves Cognitive Function – It can reduce and prevent Alzheimer’s.  What happens is that the brain needs a certain type of growth hormone, and turmeric helps to increase the levels of the hormone in the brain, thus holding Alzheimer’s at bay. Other brain disorders can be helped with eating turmeric.  But if the symptoms get too bad, go and see your doctor. 
  6. Turmeric Helps to Boost Your Mood – It has been shown in numerous studies that this spice is as powerful as Prozac for treating depression.  It’s due to the fact that turmeric releases dopamine and serotonin which makes us feel good inside.  With healthy eating and working out, you can naturally heal yourself, except in the most extreme cases.  Then go and see your doctor. 
  7. It Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease – It does this by making the blood vessels stronger.  Heart disease is caused by inflammation and weak blood vessels.  Through making the blood vessels stronger, it can potentially lower risks or heart attack, blood clots, high blood pressure and hypertension to name a few.   
  8. Reduces and Prevents Arthritis – Alkaline diets are best for this as it reduces inflammation naturally.  Turmeric helps to support this diet. 
  9. Keeps the Memory Sharp – This will help anyone of any age.  It really helps to clarify the mind on what needs to be done.  Turmeric helps you to focus, besides of helping prevent mental problems. 
  10. Anti-Aging – Turmeric lowers oxidative stress which in turn lowers the possibility of getting either age spots or wrinkles.  It’ll show that you’re as healthy in the inside as the outside. 

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