15 Tips for Perfect Skin

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Who doesn’t have the one friend who has perfect skin?  You sit there wondering how they did it and feel a little jealous about how smooth and supple it looks.  The answer is simple, she has perfected the perfect daily routine.  The good news is that you can reach it also. 

15 Tips for Perfect Skin

  1. This lady uses the correct skin cleaner for her skin type.  For oily and/or acne prone skin use salycyclitic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash. When using it for dry or mature skin use moisturizing glycolic or milky cleansers.  For brown sports or melisma use brightening washes. 
  2. She drinks the right liquids.  It’s suggested to drink a shot of chlorophyll first thing in the morning.  It brightens, oxygenates, and hydrates your skin.  It drains puffiness through waking up the lymphatic system and can combat cellulite.   Using chlorophyll supplements can work just as well too if you don’t want to drink it directly.  Also drink a lot of green juices too as it has the same effect. 
  3. The lady maintains a healthy diet.  Eat a lot of omega-3 fatty acids through fish, flax seeds, and walnuts.  Avoid foods that rank high on the high glycemic index (simple and complex carbs) too.    
  4. She moisturizes her skin both morning and night.  The best times to do this is right after taking a shower and right before bed.  Make sure to avoid moisturizers with strong fragrances and gentle enough to use every day.  
  5. Never touch your face.  It helps to not spread germs and cause breakouts, but it can also lead to scarring, increase wrinkles and provoke cases of flu. 
  6. Don’t use many products.  If you’re using more than two products, it’s a big no-no. Using more products increases the possibility of breakouts and clogged pores as it’s harsh for your skin. 
  7. The lady uses sunscreen every day of the year no matter how bad the weather or when traveling.  It’s possible to get a sunburn through windshields of cars.  Use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours. 
  8. Drink a lot of fluids.  Lack of water means more sagging and less radiance of your skin.  When choosing products make sure they can hydrate the skin.  Also, make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day. 
  9. Do your best to avoid direct heat exposure. It isn’t just the sun.  It’s fireplaces and heaters to look out for.  Keep at least 10 feet away as it can cause inflammation and collagen breakdown.  
  10. Exfoliate twice a week. Do it for all your skin, not just your face.  Choose a product that’s pH neutral so it doesn’t dry out the skin while exfoliating. 
  11. The lady eats a balanced diet.  She also uses topical antioxidants to nourish her skin.  These items repair sun damage and have natural sunscreen properties.  The best time to use them is right after cleaning, or put it under your sunscreen for extra protection, 
  12. Clean your makeup brushes regularly.  Concealer and foundation brushes need to be cleaned once a week, for brushes used around the eyes clean twice a month, and all other brushes once a month.  It helps to fight infection and clogged pores. 
  13. Protection doesn’t stop with just using sunscreen.  Use SPF 30 makeups, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when going outdoors. 
  14. Her routine is easy to follow.  Once you know what works best for your skin type, stick with it and don’t change it. 
  15. Get good sleep.  It isn’t just about getting the full 8 hours or whatever you need, it’s about clean sheets.  Skin benefits from using clean silk sheets and pillowcases.  It’s gentler on the hair and skin as it glides, so no wrinkles, creasing, tangles or breakage.   



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