17 Skincare Tips

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With summertime, or really any time of the year it’s good to look out for your skin.  It’s the biggest organ of the body and is very sensitive to change and the environment.  Skin can tell you also what’s going in your body, and let you know if you’re getting sick or not.  Because of this, taking care of your skin is extremely important if you want to stay healthy and keep looking young. 

17 Skincare Tips 

  1. Use mist moisturizer, not water.  Water evaporates, which dries the skin more quickly.  Use a mister with glycerin.
  2. Sponge on the SPF.  Sponges help sunscreen penetrate 
  3. Condition with Jasmine.  It’s an oil that has a lot of antioxidants. 
  4. Longer Exfoliation.  Deeper exfoliation will be done if you do it for a longer time. It helps you to keep from feeling like you have to scrub harder, which will harm your skin too. 
  5. Check labels for fewer ingredients.  The fewer things included, the better. 
  6. Don’t drink alcohol.  More than one a day can increase oil production and enlarge the pores. 
  7. Use two steps to wash your face.  All that makeup needs to come off and this is the best way to ensure that it all comes off. 
  8. Mix in sunscreen if you’re your favorite face cream doesn’t have it.   
  9. Wear SPF clothing.   
  10. Use Pomegranate supplements. This can strengthen your skins ability to absorb rays better by 25%. 
  11. Cooldown products by storing items in a cooler outside.  Cooler ingredients actually help to constrict blood vessels, making you less flushed.   
  12. DIY dermatology to take care of your skin with homemade products with natural solutions.  Saves you lots of money. 
  13. Don’t do saunas, steam rooms or spicy food.  The intense heat will provoke extreme redness. 
  14. Humidity is good for your skin.  Invest in a humidifier for home during winters. 
  15. Towelettes are good for the skin if you need to clean off quickly after doing physical activities. 
  16. Try to keep stress levels low in your life.   
  17. Don’t lick your lips if you have a skin break right in the corner of your mouth. It could be a fungal infection that needs to be treated with an antibiotic ointment. 


There are a lot more tips besides these.   The major thing to take out of this is, SPF is your friend.  The more time you spend in the sunlight unprotected, the better chance you’re getting premature wrinkles.  Sunlight damages skin cells, which in turn causes the wrinkles and spots or freckles you get in the summer.  There’s also an increased chance of getting melanoma, or some other type of skin infection.  Also, try to keep cool so you don’t flush as much and keep your products cooler so they will actually cool you down.  It’ll help in the long run. 

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