Why Use Green Products?

5 Reasons to Clean Green in Your Home

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There are many different reasons to clean green in your home.  The chemicals used in traditional cleaners tend to pollute the air where you and your family have to live every day.  Because of this, it can cause physical ailments that you all might not get otherwise.  If you were to create a green cleaning program at home it could really help everyone in numerous ways.  Here are five reasons to switch to cleaning green instead of using traditional methods.  

Why Care About Cleaning Green? 

  •  It helps everyone in your home to stay healthy.  Asthma can be caused by poor indoor quality, and chemicals will exacerbate the problem as there’s no way to leave the situation. Sick kids and family members lead to lower school and occupational performances. 
  • Green products protect you when you’re cleaning.  The risk taken when using the chemical products can cause damage to you physically and could make you sick from all the fumes you will be breathing in.  Using green products helps to lessen exposure, therefore lowering the risk of illness or injury. 
  • Using green products will increase the lifespan of what’s being cleaned.  For example, carpets could have an increased life through using cleaning products that are less harsh than more traditional methods that could be used. 
  • It preserves the environment.  Every year at least 23 million tons of carbon emissions could be saved just by using green products at US schools all over the country.  Imagine how much could be saved if people used them more in their homes or businesses?  It reduces impact from producing, using and transporting the products. 
  • It saves you money.  Environmental friendly products used to cost more than using more traditional cleaning products.  Consequently, people have turned away from buying the products.  Now though, green products are either equal in price or even cheaper than traditional ones.  And they work just as good or better without fumigating your house, raising the potential for illness and lost days of work and/or school. 


You save a lot of money by switching to using green products to clean your house and make your living arrangements much more environmentally safe and healthy to live in.  If you implement a green cleaning strategy, it will make your cleaning routine more efficient and effective. 

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