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7 Reasons to Use Biodegradables to Clean

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Why in the world would you want to use biodegradable and green products to clean your home?  All cleaners are the same, right?  Wrong.  Regular cleaners are for the most part made up of harsh chemical cleaners.  These cleaners, in turn, create a situation where it isn’t the healthiest environment to live in.  Here are 7 reasons to use biodegradable cleaners instead of regular cleaners.  

biodegradable, green, cleaning materials, cleaning products, cleaning ingredients

7 Reasons to Use Biodegradables

  1. Healthier Homes – By going green you and your family won’t be absorbing chemicals into your skin or breathing it in.  Studies have been completed showing that just using household cleaning sprays can cause asthma.   Using green products instead helps to lessen the possibility of getting asthma. 
  1. Cleaner Environment – Using regular cleaning products causes the release of harmful chemical into the environment.  By using green products instead, it reduces pollution in waterways and air.  It helps to lower causes of ozone depletion and climate change.  On top of that green products use recyclable materials in their packaging, for the most part, therefore lessening waste.  
  1. The Products are Safer – Regular products can cause chemical burns and damage your eyes.  Green products don’t and are held to a higher standard before hitting the shelves.  They have to follow these standards in regard to how fumes can affect you, combustibility and if damage occurs if absorbed into the skin. 
  1. Improving Air Quality – Not many people can take the strong odors made by chemical cleaners.   For the most part green cleaning products, either store-bought or homemade have nice odors, so it’s more like using an air freshener indirectly.   
  1. There’s Less Cost Involved – Through using homemade products you can save a lot of money.  Vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice to name a few, make great cleaning solutions.  It makes sense for the companies involved too.  Through creating green products there are less sick days and a lower chance of fires or chemical spills which can cause lost work days and lost money. 
  1. Less Antibacterial Concoctions – Using antibacterial materials can actually cause a bacteria-friendly environment due to the bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotics. It seems that Tacloban which is a popular antibiotic used in numerous soaps can possibly mess with your thyroid and hormonal system.  Green products, for the most part, don’t contain antibacterial materials. 
  1. Gaining Knowledge of the Ingredients – Government regulations don’t require the listing of all the ingredients of cleaning products. Through making your own cleaning products at home you know exactly what is going into it, and therefore your home.   


Using green products will help keep your home clean just as well as using regular cleaners.  Because of this, you’ll be providing a home that is safer for everyone’s health, and as a side benefit, help the environment too.  That’s an awesome concept to consider, isn’t it?  


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